Turning McDonald's Employee Into Viral Streamer in 24 Hours

24 Pri 2020
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We Turned a McDonald's Employee into Viral Streamer in 24 Hours! SUBSCRIBE FOR PART TWO... IT COULD BE ANYONE...!
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  • But the guy playew on a ps4 controler and it says on xbox

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  • Kay making cracked vids

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  • All he does is spray

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  • You ripped this straight from quadeca, I'm disappointed honestly

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  • Kay I really think I'm good at fortnite and I want to 1v1 you it's my dream and I want to be a viral streamer like you

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  • Imagine there was actually a achievement for getting banned

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  • I’m McDonalds employee if a guy come to the window and says that to me I will say hell yeah when do i start but that would never happen to me so i will continue taking orders jajaja

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  • I’m a fan but I wish you would’ve gave Quadeca credit

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    • Ikr

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  • media.tenor.com/images/ec9715129ea357e3eeca8bdcf59f19e9/tenor.gif

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