I Found Justin Bieber's Lost iPhone Underwater (It Works)

12 Pri 2020
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Looking / Finding Justin Bieber Lost iPhone Underwater in a Lake! My Little Brother FaZe Jarvis and me FaZe Kay are Searching in the Treasure Hunt for Justin Bieber's Lost iPhone!
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  • For me the star of this video was the camera man(because of his laugh)

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  • justin bieber watching this is prolly like 🤯

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  • Justin beaver watching with be like:uhhhhhhhh that’s not my phone but if it is give it back plz haha👀👀

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  • Toluca lake

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  • It should break waterproof phones only Last for 30 minutes

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  • That phone is not even out when he moved

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  • Justin lived here 4 years ago, how the hell can these guys find his phone stuck underwater for that long? People are not that fool you guys!

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  • Why would justin have a pic of him and selena

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  • There is a gas leak

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  • The bubbles are gas bubbles

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  • It's not JUSTIN BIBER's phone

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  • This is cap

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  • He be mad he lost the phone he be mad you sell the phone

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  • Hi FaZe, we hope you are well. Good luck with your search for JB’s iPhone. JB, have you tried MOBELEASH? It is a "virtual-leash" App that will notify you on your Apple Watch WHEN you are leaving your iPhone behind ... so you can go get it! Thank you, FaZe. From MOBELEASH Support.

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  • I can smel it True The phone

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